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Access to Free Course – FAQs

I applied for the course, but why didn’t I get an invite?

Please check the below cut-off dates for batches. If you applied within these dates, check your inbox and spam folders for emails from us. Sometimes some users input incorrect emails, and the invites get rejected. If you think that happened, please register again for a future batch.

Applied on or before 13 Dec 2022: Course Registration Invitations Sent on 14 December 2022.
Applied on or after 14 Dec 2022: You’ll be invited to a future batch in 2023.
Applied before 3 Aug 2023: Registration invites were sent.
Applied on or after 3 Aug 2023: No future batch dates are planned or announced yet.

My Registration link is expired. Can you please invite me again?

The orientation session email link is only valid for a limited time before it expires.

We got a large volume of candidates, and unfortunately, we cannot resend expired invites. Please register through for the next batch and await notification by email for the next orientation session, which will be held in the future.

When will you start the next batch?

We don’t have any fixed dates to start a batch. It could be in a few weeks or months. If you have registered your interest, please wait for an invitation email. You can follow our Facebook page, as we may notify there as well.

I registered for the last batch intake but did not receive my email invitation for the course?

Franklin Training successfully invited over 30,000 candidates for the course sessions. 

If you registered for the course but did not receive any email for the login or registration, then it could be because of an incorrect email address that was provided or the invitation email bounced due to an error from your email service provider’s side. To register your interest for the next batch, go to and await notification by email for the next orientation session which will be held in the future.

Can I learn both Flutter and iOS courses?

The free course access is provided once, as once course per user. If you wish to study another mobile app development platform you can do so by subscribing to Franklin Training as a paid user.

I applied for the iOS course, but I got invited to Flutter course?

For the iOS course, you must have a Mac laptop or a computer. If you mentioned that you don’t have access to a Mac, you’ll be automatically get invited to the cross-platform Flutter course instead of iOS. Because you won’t be able to complete all iOS app development exercises without a Mac.

Will I get a certificate upon completion of the course?

Paying and subscribed candidates that successfully complete their course of study and pass all assessments receive are eligible for a digital certificate.

If you’re a free user, and if you complete all course requirements within the free period, you can get a digital certificate by becoming a paying user.

I completed my course. When will I get my certificate?

If you completed all lessons, and assessments with a 80% or above passing grade, and a paying member, you’re eligible for a certificate. Contact our support team to get your certificate.

Can I follow this course using a smartphone?

You can follow it, but you’re unlikely to learn much. To learn how to code, you need to practise and learn by doing it. For that, you’ll need a laptop or a desktop computer.

Is this training really free? What’s the catch?

There’s no catch. It is totally free. Franklin Training offers all candidates free access to one of our beginner level courses in the Franklin Training Platform. There’s no catch. However, we may stop this program in the future.

What if I require more than the given free time to complete the course?

You can subscribe to Franklin Training through the website and obtain a further extension of one or more months as required.

I forgot/lost my password? Can you send me my password?

You can reset your password by following the Reset Password steps on the Franklin Training portal. Unfortunately Franklin Training will not be able to recover any lost accounts.

What language is used by Franklin Training Courses for teaching?

All Franklin Training courses are presented in English.

What if I need support with some lessons to understand the content?

If you wish to receive mentor support, you can subscribe to Franklin Training as a paid user.

I missed the invitation email for the orientation. I saw the email today. Can you resend the invitation email for the orientation?

Please register for a future batch, as we are not able to repeat orientations.

I am having problem with the course and I tried to book a meeting / sent a email but did not receive a response

As there are thousands of candidates it is not possible to always get a reply for your inquiry. Though we’d like to respond to every email, time is limited and we can respond only to enquiries that can be helpful.

If you attempted to contact us through any other phone numbers, other email addresses or through social media you would not get a reply as they are managed by other teams.

I am already a paid subscriber of Franklin Training. Can I join the free course instead?

If you are an existing paid subscriber of Franklin Training and you apply and are accepted to join the free course, you will lose your previous course history and a new account will be created. The free course is only provided for a limited time and is provided for single use, by one user only.

If I don’t complete the course in the free period, can I take the course again?

Franklin Training free courses are only provided for a limited time on a one-off basis, for single use, by one user only.

You can subscribe to Franklin Training through the website and obtain a further extension of one or more months as required.

What will happen to my course after the free period?

The purpose of the free program is to give access to those who are motivated and enthusiastic to build their career as a Software Engineer. If you have successfully completed and passed the assessments within the given time, please contact us to know about the certification steps (a fee applies) and to learn how to progress towards starting your career as an Intern or an Entry Level Software Engineer.

At the end of the free training period provided by Franklin Training your access to the courses will be restricted. If you like the training, you may proceed forward as a paid user.

How can I obtain a subscription to Franklin Training?

You can obtain a subscription to Franklin Training directly through from our pricing page.