FAQs – Franklin Training


  • Browse the Courses on offer
  • Select one that matches your training needs
  • Pay and reserve your seat
  • Start and study at your own convenience
  • Complete the course
  • Receive a digital certificate and badge

Franklin Training Courses are 100% delivered online only

All Franklin Training Courses combine insightful video lectures and tutorials along with numerous other learning resources that help you really learn, go beyond and succeed.

All Video lessons are presented by a highly qualified and professional lecture panel that includes thought leaders, experts and academics, each a master of their chosen field.

Once enrolled and your learning journey has begun, Franklin Training offers an email-based Mentor Support service that puts students and users directly in touch with experienced and qualified professional mentors. 

You can ask for any further clarifications or information or any other queries you may have regarding the course, its contents or learning outcomes and receive a personal response.

Once a user has enrolled they may take any amount of time to complete the course. Multiple seats can be purchased, but all students don’t have to start at once.

Absolutely not. Franklin Training is for everyone. Individuals, small businesses and large organisations, Franklin Training has a mobile app development training solution that works for you.

Our pricing is assigned ‘per seat’. Please contact our friendly Sales Team for more details.