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Are there Any Benefits of Upskilling Your Staff?

In the current corporate context, upskilling your staff is a non-negotiable fact. Once the economy started to rebound with most companies realising that life with Covid-19 is the new normal, most companies swiftly slashed their budgets for training. But now it’s time to put investment back in. These are some of your best assets – people who would be hard-pressed to find a position elsewhere – and they represent a valuable investment opportunity for your company.

Upskilling your staff is an investment. Employees are the most powerful asset you have. Many people who are working in an organisation are probably not fully utilised. Having a low morale within the workforce can be both taxing for the business and frustrating for staff members.

Today, mobile app development is a sought-after skill that is vital for success. The market is ever-growing, competition is high and companies are scrambling to get in on the ground floor of the latest technology trends. React Native as a programming language is important, but Flutter is the more sustainable option. New programming languages continue to arise as more companies look to enter the app development market. React Native was incredibly popular until it recently got pushed aside by newer frameworks like Flutter. At an average of 100 hours for a well-designed app, it’s cheaper to invest in your staff than hiring a developer from outside. Investing in employees will also have a positive ripple effect on the rest of your workforce. 

Providing your staff with upskilling opportunities not only improves their experience and job satisfaction, but also gets them up to speed on the latest technologies. It wouldn’t be prudent to bring on another junior developer given that your current staff now needs twice as much training time as before the Covid-19 recession began. Flutter is the best mobile programming language. It’s Google’s answer to React Native and it’s just as efficient and quick-to-launch. 

The market doesn’t differentiate between whether you’re a tech giant or a small business. It requires all businesses to become tech companies in today’s age of online business. The best way to get on top of this technology wave? Invest in your team.

Upskilling Is More than an Investment

Upskilling your staff is more than an investment. It’s also an investment in the future of your company. The teams with the most highly skilled workers are the companies that are less likely to fail over time, as they have access to several critical variables. That variable is their team.

1. Better retention: When you build a team, you’ll have to make sure that each employee has a stake in the success of the business. The only way to be sure of this is to ensure that they’re a part of it. This can be done by offering them roles that challenge them to grow and develop as professionals. This means that you need to offer training sessions or other incentives that will pique their interest and further motivate them to stay with your organisation.

2. Employee satisfaction: When you give your employees the opportunity to learn new skills, they will be excited and motivated to be a part of it. This is because every employee wants to improve their professional standards, and upskilling gives them that chance. If you are able to provide them with situations where they can grow, you’ll find that they will be more motivated in the workplace. And this translates into higher job satisfaction for your employees, which can also boost productivity.

3. Attracts new talent: Since you know that staff members are one of your biggest assets, chances are that you’ll be looking for new staff members. People who want to grow and develop their skills will be eager to apply for positions where they can learn and grow. This means that if you’re willing to invest in your employees, then they’ll return the favour by seeing your business as an opportunity for them to grow as professionals.

4. Drives innovation: Having highly skilled professionals on your team is great for new ideas, as they’ll be more likely to be able to come up with new ideas. To thrive in the global economy, you need to innovate so being able to have technically skilled workers on your team will help you relate to current trends and challenges.

Upskilling Is Cheaper and More Beneficial

In-house training can be expensive. There may be ways to make your training budget stretch further. One way is to learn how to create more value from the training you provide. You can do this by providing job-related courses that will help your employees be more productive and efficient in their work. However, offering courses from external parties that can be used across all departments and cross-functional teams would be the best way forward.

This is why upskilling your staff by getting them trained by an organisation that is well-versed in a certain domain is important. They can help you plan and execute better training sessions that will increase your productivity as a whole. Also, they can inform you about the latest technologies that will enable your employees to have a well-rounded working experience.

In the end, investing in your staff through upskilling them is an investment in all aspects of your business. It helps to lower costs and increase profits by generating more revenue from each employee. It helps to improve employee retention by giving them role models to emulate.

Franklin Training is More than a Solution. It is an Investment.

Franklin Training offers your company the ideal opportunity to invest in your staff. With tutors from Elegant Media, which is Australia’s best mobile app developer, and having crafted intuitive and successful apps, your staff has the best opportunity to learn from experts in Flutter. 

Some of the key benefits of getting trained with us is:

1. Progress Visualisation and Collaboration: Team managers can view their employee progress. They can even monitor the time spent on learning. Students can share their opinion, ask questions and give feedback on their learning process.

2. Get Certified: Companies can offer their branded certification program. This will enable companies to offer their employees a certification as a part of their learning schedule as it ensures that they have gained the best knowledge from the right tutor.

3. Company Benefits: Get better staff motivation, training, evaluations and retention, and also eliminate retraining. Franklin Training offers a complete training solution to help you grow your business.

4. Student Support: The content offered is current with evaluations being done. In addition, the learning material is interactive and easy to understand. Moreover, you can plan your sessions at a time that is convenient for your team.

5. Relevant Knowledge: With Franklin Training, your staff will be able to build real apps. This will give them experience in building apps while enabling them to learn the right practices while doing so.

With Franklin Training, your staff can learn new skills in a highly-paced environment. They can also enjoy the best tools and techniques to excel in their chosen field. If you need help finding creative solutions to optimise your mobile app development process, start here.

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