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What sets Franklin Training Apart?

When it comes to corporate training, quality really does matter. It can be the difference between an effective educational experience and an average online course that produces students with little hands on practical knowledge and skills.

Here are a few of the ways that Franklin Training goes beyond other online educational providers:

Comprehensive Courses

All Franklin Training courses are thorough, comprehensive and industry oriented . They are designed to provide the user with a holistic educational experience that upskills them with purpose and industry-ready practical knowledge. 

Franklin Training Courses are designed so users will acquire a new skill set in a meaningful and impactful manner using a combination of recorded lectures and tutorials, combined with hands-on practical knowledge sharing. Perfect for remote learning. 

100% Online Delivery by Industry Experts  

Other traditional online educational providers often offer courses uploaded by 3rd party instructors, with a ‘anyone can teach here’ approach. 

All Franklin Training courses and their contents are delivered by industry experts and not a single individual. 

The Franklin Training course materials and course contents are furthermore formulated by a panel of eminent educational professionals that draw on their combined experience to devise a syllabus that meets the true requirements of industry.

Ability to Monitor and Evaluate

Managers, supervisors and team leaders can track the performance of each candidate and remain fully updated of their progress. This also assists in identifying areas where students are having problems and helping figure out what progress has been achieved.

Admins can use this information to better understand the user’s capacity, commitment and ability to both learn and apply the trained concepts, techniques and systems.

Instructor Support via email

Need to ask a question or get a better explanation of a concept or an application? Franklin Training offers all active seat students unlimited ticket-based on demand support with the instructor via email.

Students can message their Course instructor any questions related to the course contents, materials or subject. 

The instructor will furthermore support students as they proceed into the future, always willing to guide and assist students along their career journey.

This is a premium value-added service that is rarely offered by other traditional online educational providers setting Franklin Training apart.

Branded Certificate and Digital Badges

Upon successful completion of the course, all students will receive a certificate that can be easily verified, along with digital badges that students can use on their social and professional profiles and extended networks.

With Franklin Training, students receive more than just a tickbox educational experience. Students will be provided with opportunities to work on hands-on projects and assignments complemented with practical learning opportunities and submit them for feedback from expert instructors.

Learn at your own pace. From anywhere, at any time.

When their attention is at its peak, then users can easily log into their Franklin Training Account and pick up from where they left off. It’s as easy as that!

Not only does Franklin Training reduce corporate training costs, it also provides a one-to-one, teacher to student ratio, as all Franklin Training Courses are designed for users to learn at their own pace. From anywhere, at any time.

Go Beyond Conventional Online Training

Franklin Training goes beyond other traditional online educational providers with its detailed and effective curriculums and regularly updated course contents that empower students with skills they can put to use – straight away. 

With its ultimate transparency, Franklin Training  adopts an innovative method to build skill sets that drive your business and underpin employee/student retention, loyalty and motivation. Franklin Training is effective, insightful and impactful so you can build the skills your team really needs.

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