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Why Flutter Is Killing React Native?

There is no doubt that Flutter is the present and future of mobile app development. TFlutter is a software development kit (SDK) from Google, a replacement for the aging and under-supported Adobe AIR. It is cross-platform, with support for Android and iOS as well as Fuchsia OS. It also offers support for Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR), which allows you to create apps that use those technologies from one codebase. 

To start, Flutter is an open source platform that’s designed to bridge the gap between app developers and designers guided by Google engineers – meaning it’s super easy to adopt for your business. Flutter is designed to make it easy for designers to build beautiful apps that integrate seamlessly into the Material Design framework, while allowing developers to focus on creating high-quality code.

Flutter is better than React Native because React Native is mostly focused on the UI layer. Flutter also supports native, cross-platform code that can be built to look and feel like a native app. Flutter uses a fully-featured built-in library of widgets and models, which allows you to produce apps faster and more easily than ever before.

Additionally Flutter has overtaken React Native as the best mobile app programming language. It’s cross-platform which makes it simple to develop without too much of a hassle. It’s an open source technology, which means that it is completely free, and it can help your app look great. When you use Flutter, you’ll keep the same code no matter what platform.

If you’re still asking yourself why Flutter is such a big deal, here are 5 reasons why:

1. Reduced Development Time – If you want to be successful in app development today, time is of the essence. Flutter’s main goal is to help developers and designers work in harmony through the use of hot reload, a process that allows developers and designers to edit their files and see them change in real time. This means that they don’t have to wait for compiles, which in turn reduces how long it takes for your app to get from concept to market.

2. Native Performance – Flutter uses Skia, Google’s 2D graphics library, which is heavily optimised for mobile devices. With Flutter, the outer shells of your application are built using Skia, while the app’s core is written in native code. The native API also enables Flutter to create smooth animations and transitions which are found to be essential for user experience.

3. Open Source – If you’re a developer looking for a job or someone looking into building an app on your own, you’re probably looking for technology that will get you there without costing you big bucks upfront. Open source is free to use, making it an ideal choice for companies looking to get their product into the marketplace quickly without breaking the bank.

4. Quick Development Cycle – The whole development cycle of Flutter is faster than most other mobile app programming languages out there, primarily because of how fast it compiles. This means that your application gets to market faster than any other platform.

5. Staying Power – Flutter is backed by Google, which ensures that it will continue to be supported well into the future. This means that you won’t have to worry about costly updates or upgrades within the next few years. If you’re trying to build an app for the long term, this might be one of your smartest choices.

If you’re interested in learning more about what Flutter has to offer for your company, check out Franklin Training for your staff.

Flutter Programmers Will Add Value To Your Business

As a business that is within the domain of app development, instilling your staff with the right knowledge is crucial. Training your staff with Flutter will only be a good thing. With the right knowledge, your staff will be able to leverage their expertise and enhance the performance of your company. Hence you will be able to significantly reduce the number of open tasks on your team.

Since they are not required to invest in native development resources, Flutter startups are able to build high quality apps more quickly. This also allows them to hire talent based on their qualifications, rather than the resources they have available. In fact, you won’t have to go through the trouble of training people how to build a mobile app with Flutter compared to other mobile platform SDKs.

The old adage “if you don’t use it, you lose it” is also true for technological knowledge. Technology changes constantly and so does the way we use and learn it. If your staff isn’t learning about new technology on a regular basis, they will lose their knowledge quickly. This is not only inconvenient for your employees, but also impacts the company’s bottom line by wasting productive hours when an employee can’t perform their job. 

Reduce Complexity: 

When it comes to building apps on iOS and Android, there are many different tools that you need to use. However, Flutter is designed with simplicity in mind. Even if you’re new to app development, Flutter is very easy to pick up and integrate into your production app development process.

Fast Iteration: 

Flutter simplifies app creation by streamlining the entire app development cycle. Working with Flutter, you’ll have the ability to speed up your development process and iterate on your app quickly.

It is an axiom that upskilling your current staff with Flutter will add a great deal of value to your business. This is why many companies are engaging their staff to gain the expertise of app development on Flutter. Building apps with Flutter will require your existing staff to use their existing skills and knowledge, which will result in more efficient operations for business.

Build Staff Loyalty and Future ROI

Online training will help build staff loyalty and lead to a higher ROI. In fact, you’ll have teams of people that have been given the attention they deserve. Rather than just hiring a bunch of new talent, you can utilise your existing talent pool and give them the extra tools to succeed.

As a business owner, it’s important for you to invest in your team so they can be successful. 

You will be able to optimise development time, optimise performance, and fast iteration. This is why Franklin Training offers online Flutter training for your employees. By investing in your staff by getting them trained on Flutter, you’ll reap a higher ROI for your company. After all, you’re trying to build something that works for both you and your clients, not only yourself.

It is important that you need to invest in your staff by having them gain the knowledge of app development on Flutter. This will help you in the long run, when they retire or stop working for your company they can take their knowledge with them and add value to another business. For this reason, adopting Flutter as a mobile app programming language is a great way to build loyalty among employees and lead to higher ROI.

Workforce training is a challenge for many organisations, and often the challenge lies in balancing staff morale levels with business needs. With staff turnover nearing all-time highs, employers are always looking for ways to build staff loyalty and stay competitive. Luckily, online training can be one of the most effective tools in your arsenal when it comes to accomplishing these goals.

A recent study from Gartner found that a lack of career development drives employee attrition. There is evidence to show that participants saw boosts in productivity, engagement and commitment level at work following their completion of an online learning program.

Even companies that regularly use in-house training programs regularly admit they are not cost effective for their business. However, there are many benefits to engaging in training without the expense of bringing employees in-house. With the right learning management system, you can turn your company’s most valuable resource – your employees – into your greatest competitive advantage.

Franklin Training is More than a Solution. It is an Investment.

Franklin Training offers your company the ideal opportunity to invest in your staff. With tutors from Elegant Media, which is Australia’s best mobile app developer, and having crafted intuitive and successful apps, your staff has the best opportunity to learn from experts in Flutter. 

Some of the key benefits of getting trained with us is:

1. Progress Visualisation and Collaboration: Team managers can view their employee progress. They can even monitor the time spent on learning. Students can share their opinion, ask questions and give feedback on their learning process.

2. Get Certified: Companies can offer their branded certification program. This will enable companies to offer their employees a certification as a part of their learning schedule as it ensures that they have gained the best knowledge from the right tutor.

3. Company Benefits: Get better staff motivation, training, evaluations and retention, and also eliminate retraining. Franklin Training offers a complete training solution to help you grow your business.

4. Student Support: The content offered is current with evaluations being done. In addition, the learning material is interactive and easy to understand. Moreover, you can plan your sessions at a time that is convenient for your team.

5. Relevant Knowledge: With Franklin Training, your staff will be able to build real apps. This will give them experience in building apps while enabling them to learn the right practices while doing so.

With Franklin Training, your staff can learn new skills in a highly-paced environment. They can also enjoy the best tools and techniques to excel in their chosen field. If you need help finding creative solutions to optimise your mobile app development process, start here.

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